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Letter From the Women For Tri Board of Advisors

As the deadline for the Women For Tri Inspirational Kona Slot approaches on April 15, 2017 the Board of Advisors has some words of wisdom to share about this amazing opportunity to give back.

Why We Tri Goes To Kona 

Every woman has her own "why" - and at Women for Tri, we're working to ensure women get the chance to explore and experience their own reasons to Tri. For some, it's about testing their own limits. For others, it's proving that disease can't keep them down. For some, it's showing their kids that girls and women can be anything they decide to be. For us, it's about helping women and girls grow in the sport we love. 

Women for Tri supports women in triathlon through grants to triathlon clubs designed to increase women's participation in the sport. We've also helped 10 collegiate triathletes with college grants as they pursue their dreams of competing in triathlon nationally and globally. Our charitable fundraising efforts have raised over $131,000 to help women enter and grow in the sport since 2015.

“This program has taught me to be comfortable in admitting that I have questions, and that I’m unsure about what’s required and that it’s okay to turn to other people as resources,” Leigh Kamens, member of the Boca Raton Triathlon Club admits. “I had basically talked myself out of the possibility of ever doing a triathlon because I didn’t think I’d have the resources to train and be successful. These feelings have changed since joining the program and seeing the variety of women that are interested. It no longer seems like a huge challenge.”

For the second year in a row, Women for Tri has an incredible opportunity for a female triathlete - a ticket to the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii! We are looking for a woman who embodies the spirit of Women for Tri to represent women around the globe on the biggest triathlon stage in the world.  

Could this be you? Yes, of course it could! Our Women for Tri Inspiring Woman will be chosen from a pool of applicants who are willing to (1) share their Why with the world, (2) race Kona as the face of Women for Tri in 2017, and (3) raise $25,000 for Women for Tri, a project of the non-profit The IRONMAN Foundation. 

This is an opportunity for you to inspire other women and girls around the world to Tri. By sharing your inspirational story of why you Tri and by raising funds and awareness for Women for Tri, you'll help us bring more women and girls into the sport. 

Think you can't do it? YOU CAN! Hear from Erin Byrge, our 2016 Women for Tri Inspiring Woman: 

 “I can't say enough about my experiences as the recipient of this spot last year!  My experience with the Women for Tri board members, the fundraising process, and of course the race, have made a permanent impression on my life that allows me to enter everything I do with an "Anything is Possible" mentality!

“I did not have previous fundraising experience. I had only done one IRONMAN before Kona. If I could raise the money and cross the finish line, anyone can!

“If you have an inspiring story AND a passion for increasing female participation on our sport, I HIGHLY recommend applying for this spot!  You will not regret it!!”

We're accepting applications right now, so click HERE and tell us your story. We can't wait to hear Why You Tri! 

See you on the course!

Women for Tri Board of Advisors