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Triathlon Basics

Together WE cultivate a movement for women in the sport. WE are Women For Tri.

You Can Tri - YES, you can!

Welcome to triathlon, where three sports become one. As a triathlete, you’ll swim, bike and run — but above all — you’ll smile. Women For Tri is here to make sure your first steps, strides and strokes in multisport feel good. Triathlon is about personal growth and exploring potential — not only in the miles you cover, but also in the moments you experience along the way. With the right mindset, anything can be achieved. It starts there.

The right mindset needs the right mechanics to go with it. We’ve gathered the resources you need to set a strong foundation in swimming, biking and running (and everything in between!)

Are you a beginner? Head over to Time To Tri for training resources, expert articles, and your free sprint triathlon training plan!