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Committee of Advisors

Since the inception of Women For Tri in 2015, the Women For Tri Committee of Advisors have served as the driving force, heart and soul behind the program. Through their leadership and service,

  • The Women For Tri online community has grown to more than 55,000 women.
  • Over 60 triathlon clubs have received over $300,000 in grant funding to support female participation initiatives.
  • 30+ triathletes serve as Women For Tri Ambassadors, working locally to encourage and engage women to rediscover their potential as triathletes.

To all our Women For Tri Advisors who have served or are currently serving, we thank you on behalf of the women around the world who you have empowered to break barriers, overcome challenges and become triathletes.

Women For Tri Emeritus Advisors

Moira Horan

Rachel Joyce

Casey Cortese

Cris Howard

Karen Smith

Bonni Brooks

Brooke Mallick

Women For Tri Current Advisors

Kyrsten Sinema, Chair

Meredith Atwood

Julia Beeson Polloreno

Leesa Eichberger

Joanna Graham

Katherine Kelly Lang

Lindsay Meyers

Abby Sanford