Tri Together with Women For Tri

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A new social media campaign to encourage women to support each other in the triathlon journey.

Most people can name at least one person who was instrumental in helping them commit to their first triathlon, or helping them navigate the unchartered "newbie" waters. That person gave you answers to questions you wouldn’t have even thought to ask, and they believed in you and encourage you to keep going.

Women For Tri wants to challenge those who already compete in triathlon to share and encourage others to participate. 

Now you can honor the people who mentored you at the beginning of your triathlon journey by doing the same for a friend 

At the beginning of 2015, Women For Tri invited Ambassadors to support its mission to grow female participation in the sport. One of the things we asked of our Ambassadors was to "Bring a Friend" into the sport, either as a spectator or participant. This year, Women For Tri wants to take things a step further: We are introducing "Tri Together," a social media experience about shared journeys. We would like to encourage women to use the hashtag #tritogether when posting pictures of themselves with friends they’ve introduced to triathlon, either training or competing.

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